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I teach students of all ages and abilties - from beginner to advanced and for this, I am CRB/DBS checked and on the Registry of Guitar Tutors.


For players who are taking up the instrument for fun, I prefer to teach "by ear" at first... simply learning songs that you want to play (once the very basics of picking and fingering have been covered).  I have found that this approach keeps things fun and engaging.


Once we have learned an easy song by ear, then we can start exploring little fills and riffs, and that's when the theory comes in!  Instead of continuing to learn stuff "parrot fashion", we can then start to look at WHY these fills and riffs work and try to use them in other songs.  And so, we can introduce the music theory aspect into a real situation rather than just learning a load of scales from the start.

Soundcloud clips:

Examples of me playing bass on some "vintage" Rockschool Grade 8 pieces.


Copyright acknowledgements go to: "Some you Win" by Kit Morgan and "Whatever happened to Jazz" by Deirdre Cartwright.

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For students that would prefer a more structured and graded approach to learning the instrument, I generally teach to the Rockschool syllabus although other providers such as RGT and Trinity can also be considered. The Rockschool/RGT/Trinity exams are accredited by the qualifications regulators of England (OfQual), Wales (DCELLS), and Northern Ireland (CCEA), and Scotland (SQA) .  In short, despite the contemporary theme of rock and jazz, they are recognised as PROPER grades that also carry QCF credit values and UCAS points.


I have found this a great syllabus to teach for the same reasons as described above... we start by playing along to a backing track, and then start to follow it on the page as well, and then do some technical exercises that explain why certain things sound good in the piece.


I teach most days in Leatherhead, Surrey and my rates are hourly and can be discussed on enquiry.  Discounts are available for those wishing to sign up for a block or term of lessons.


For those wishing to learn a regular 6-string guitar, I can recommend good local tutors.

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