Matt Watts - Bass Guitarist


"After 6 months of very hard work and lots of practise hours, Matt Watts has got me to a distinction in my grade 6 bass exam after just 6 months of tuition.  I started barely knowing a major scale but after weekly bass lessons with Matt my goal has now been achieved! If you need a bass teacher guys, Matt is the one to go to! Serious good tuition!!"


Tom - Student

"Matt did some session work for our band, Icicle tree, on a recommendation from our drummer, who had worked with him before.  Matt arrived at our first rehearsal totally prepared. He had studied our album at short notice. Amazingly, he was already up to speed with song structures before he had even met us. Some of our songs have some challenging time signatures, that didn't phase him for a moment. An accomplished musician, he slotted in to the bass place seamlessly, with an assured confidence both in rehearsal and while playing live.  We were so impressed we asked him to stay full time. His musicality, creativity, and friendship have been a great boost to the band.   We wouldn't want to be without him."


Stuart - Icicle Tree band

“Matt is very good at tailoring lessons to his students interests and strengths keeping it interesting and fun. I have learnt far more in the time I’ve spent studying with Matt than I did in the 10 years prior to that when I tried other tutors and self-teaching. Most importantly, Matt is a Bass player through and through, not a guitar teacher in disguise!”


Jon - Student

"Never played the bass... but I love my husband - and he does the ironing!!"


Nikki - Wife

"Matt’s attention to detail, patience and expedience have been invaluable to me over the years that I have worked with him. He is not just an extremely proficient bass player, but also a very capable musical arranger and director."


Ian - Singer / Songwriter

"My 17 year-old son has been having weekly lessons with Matt for the last 3 years. He started as a complete beginner, with no motivation other than to play for fun. Matt has taught him how to engage with the shape and tone of a piece of music and play intuitively, rather than just following notes on a page. He has also taught a teenager the value of discipline and practice and has inspired him to take grade 6 later this year. I can't praise Matt highly enough for his professionalism, his expertise and his ability to communicate his love of music with young musicians."


Matt D - Parent of student

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