Matt Watts - Bass Guitarist


I have extensive experience in the recording arena.  Over the years, I have played bass on many "live" albums and a few televised festivals or events.  Now THAT'S pressure!.... no opportunity to do it again. Gotta get it right first time!!


As for the more "conventional" form of recording, I have also played bass on several studio albums.  A biographry is available on request.


In the most part, it is better for me to come to you or your studio so that we can listen to the song, play some ideas along with it and discuss what works for you.  I appreciate that in the studio "time is money"... my personal best for learning a song from a guide track, coming up with a bass line, and getting it "in the can" is 10 songs during an 8hr session!!  Whilst I have to admit that this goal is hard to replicate, I can nonetheless work efficiently... which is good to know since studio rates are based hourly!


If your project budget is somewhat less than hanging out in huge studios, I can  record a bass line for you at my small studio in Leatherhead (Surrey) using industry standard Pro-Tools equipment.  All you need to do is send me the track/guide track in MP3 format by email and an outline of what you want - style, hook lines to note, etc.  I'll then put down a bass line and send you back a fully edited bass line as an MP3/WAV file for inserting into your own recording software/session.


If you wish, it is also possible to send you some previews of the recording for your approval before final editing begins.


Job done!


An example of a bass session for songwriter Stuart Smith...

"Cheers M'Dears"!






(Copyright acknowledgements go to Stuart Smith.  Reproduced with permission - all rights retained by the author.)


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