Matt Watts - Bass Guitarist

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An example of a bass session for songwriter Stuart Smith - "Cheers M'dears"


Copyright acknowledgements go to Stuart Smith.  Reproduced with permission - all rights retained by the author)

"Borrowing Days" - the title track of the 1st album from Icicle Tree (in which I am a member on bass guitar).


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"I Love the Lord" - by Christian singer/songwriter Ian Ottaway.

A Wal 4-string fretless bass was played on this track.


Reproduced with kind permission from I.Ottaway.

This is demo of me playing bass to the Rockschool Grade 8 track "Some You Win"


Permission to use this has been granted by Rockschool. Copyright acknowledgements go to Kit Morgan (C)2006, all rights retained.

This is another example of me playing an old Rockshool Grade 8 piece...

"Whatever Happened to Jazz".


This has been reproduced with permission from Rockschool Ltd. Copyright acknowledgements go to Deirdre Cartwright/Rockschool(C)2006. All rights retained.