Matt Watts - Bass Guitarist

Band Coaching

In my time as a freelance bass player, I have many times played at gigs that have crept up on artists/bands that have then found themselves without a bass player!  In the trade, we call this "depping" and it usually goes something along the lines of - "Hi, we've lost our bass player!  Can you learn 30 songs in two days, travel to (somewhere) and stand in?".  As you can imagine, learning such a lot of material and then having to gig it with little or no rehearsal causes one to pick up some tricks along the way.


With this experience to hand, I have often found myself to be the one best placed to take the reins of rehearsals with other bands that I've worked with and musically direct.  I have developed ways to teach bands songs quickly, troubleshoot the problem areas of songs, get people playing TOGETHER and improve the amount that can be achieved in rehearsal time.


To that end, I now run band workshops.  This will involve me coming to your rehearsal, listening to you play and then coaching you through your songs, looking at how we can make them tighter and achieve more from your rehearsal times as a band.


If you are fed up with wasting loads of rehearsal time hacking through middle 8's that no one seems to remember, or intros that don't start with everyone at the same time; then this is for you!


I can tighten up your sound and give you the rehearsal tools and rules to keep it up once I am gone!


My rates are available on enquiry and are based on how many hours you require me, plus any reasonalble travelling expenses if you are some considerable distance from my base in Leatherhead, Surrey.  However, if this cost is split between a typical 5 piece band, these sessions can work out to be very affordable and turn out to be quite an investment to your sound.